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Remove dead skin from feet

Are you worried about these issues?

Dead skin

foot dead skin remover is dedicated to Feet dead skin, which is accumulated from lack of moisture. The caused reason is different for different people, it reminds you to care for and scrub your feet.

Dry skin

The skin under low humidity, it is scaly, rough, and itchy. It is easy to lead to peeling.

skin peeling feet

Cracked heel

There are many factors that cause heel cracks, such as cold and dry skin, friction between the heel and shoes, obesity, etc.


Calluses are thick layers of skin, most often on the soles of the feet.Looks unpleasant and unsightly.

An easy foot filer that makes your foot smooth only in 2 mins

dry scaly feet
dead skin feet
dry hard skin on feet
deadskin remover

Nano glass foot dead skin remover

This foot file adopts a new glass etching process.  When the remover is used, all of the grinder points work together to grinder the dead skin into powder, it is an efficient and portable foot grinder, only needs 1 to 2 minutes, the dead skin will peel off.
The shape design is derived from the concept of pets, like a fox,We called the First-generation:  Small Fox

New Nano-materials Foot grinder

Innovative nano glass technology smoothly and effectively gets rid of dead skin and hard calluses. no matter the foot is dry or wet is easy to use, with a portable handle and is convenient for storage. The foot grinder will help your feet be smooth, soft,  and beautiful. 

  The design concept comes from the Oriental Classical Aesthetics, we called the Second-generation: Oriental Royal Concubine

hard skin remover
callus remover tools

3D Curved Callus remover foot file

The whole nano-glass of the callus remover is curved, with a 3D stereoscopic design, it fits the foot better. Multi-angle multi-directional friction of all parts of the feet. Non-slip handle humanized design, only remove callus, dead skin, and cracks. No harm to the living tissue skin.
Give your foot a SPA, it will make your foot soft and smooth quickly, wipe away the hard skins. we called the third-generation.

Quick and Smooth

Nano Glass Material

Doesn’t Hurt Skin

Dry and West Use

Portable and Small

What Our Customers Say

Love these Nano glass files for dead skin and calluses. They remove thickened skin and leave your skin super smooth like it's been buffed. Not like the metal files. Sure the metal ones remove thickened skin and calluses too. But they leave the surface of your skin torn up and even rougher than before.
Eileen Fedlam
Gets rid of dry skin. Does not hurt or irritate. I love this product it works so well I had some tough skin on my feet and well now my feet are super soft and I used it dry it doesn't hurt at all unless you do it too much. It was easy to clean as well I just ran it under warm water and bam I was done!
Aurora Leyva
My heels are always dry and cracked like sandpaper, I have tried many products to remove calluses from my feet, better than than pumice stones. This foot scrubber wins the prize. Amazed at the results, this is very easy to use, with no pain or discomfort. very pleased with this purchase.
Juan Carlos
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