6 Tips For Foot Care At Home

Doing foot care at home is convenient, we prepare 6 tips to guide you on how to carry it out.

one’s feet are the “hero” of one’s life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Whether it is a dream or a reality, it must be measured and realized step by step. It can also be said that a pair of feet is our “flying wings”.

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Feet can reflect the health of the body, The soles of the feet have 6 meridians and more than 70 acupuncture points leading to the whole body. If you often massage the soles of your feet, it will promote the blood circulation of the whole body, make the meridians unblocked, and the body will feel very comfortable.

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Feet also get sick. When a certain part of the body is ill, it may be the swelling, itching, skin lesions and ulcers of the feet that are first reflected. It must not be ignored. It is necessary to seek medical examination and diagnosis in time. It may be changed organ function such as heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc.



How to do foot care at home? There are 6 tips for you.

1. Observe the foot color and massage it often.

In general, the skin of the feet should be the same as the whole body, and if there is an abnormality, the cause should be found.

Wash your feet and massage your heels, soles, and toes frequently. You can apply massage oil or a small amount of Vaseline oil to massage and gradually work from back to front, from shallow to deep.

Foot care at home

2. Soak your feet in warm water

The water temperature is slightly higher than the normal body temperature, about 40 degrees is appropriate, soak for half an hour and sweat slightly. You can also follow the doctor’s advice or take a “medicine soak” according to your own conditions. It is recommended to soak your feet with ginger, vinegar water, etc.

Pay attention to the care of your feet after soaking your feet. Exfoliate dead skin, pedicure nails, and massage your heels with petroleum jelly or olive oil to moisturize your skin and prevent cracked heels.

Foot care at home for cracked heels, after soaking them in vinegar water, you can use a professional exfoliating scrub tool to remove dead foot skin on the surface, then apply some Vaseline oil to gently massage the surrounding skin, apply a thin layer to the cracked area, and wrap it with plastic wrap (at night). Before going to bed), when wearing socks the next day, it is best to use a large wound patch to keep the shoes and socks breathable and clean. Doing this for three days in a row will be very effective.

3. Often consciously tiptoes, tiptoes to walk.

This will prompt you to lift your chest, massage the acupuncture points on the soles of your feet, and relieve the pressure on your heels for about 10 minutes a day, which is beneficial to blood circulation and improves the function of the viscera.

4. Choosing the right shoes and socks is important

No matter where you are or what you are doing, don’t let your feet get airtight, create a good, loose “work environment” for them.

The shoes should be clean, the insoles should be changed frequently, and the insoles should be ventilated so that the sweat on the feet can be discharged in time. Do not wear inferior shoes with poor air permeability and strong chemical smell, because the blood vessels on the feet are rich, and harmful substances with bad smells will be quickly absorbed into the blood circulation, which will affect your health.

The requirements for socks are the same. Pure cotton, breathable and comfortable socks are highly recommended and wash them frequently.

5. Pay attention to keeping warm, the cold and benign constitution can be moxibustion.

This is also a problem that is often overlooked. For example, standing barefoot on icy concrete and snow, wearing flip-flops, and walking outside all year round, might not only suffer from frostbite but also easily cause some incurable diseases. For both adults and children, we must pay attention to the warmth of the feet.

If you often feel that the soles of your feet are wet and cold, you can try moxibustion for about half an hour every day, and the effect will be significant after a week, which can help improve your cold and cool constitution.

Cold from underfoot. Inadvertent coldness may travel up through the meridians from your habitual movements and eventually lead to diseases such as rheumatism, kidney disease, stomach cold, and stomach pain, which must be prevented.

6. Don’t let your feet hurt.

Usually be careful with your feet, not to sprain, scratch, or stab them, and some injuries may still be difficult to heal and accompany for a whole life.

For example, I had a relative who was pierced by a rusty nail in his left front foot while working for a company 20 years ago. Now he is retired, he has not fully recovered. He walked with a limp and his feet and legs swelled from time to time.

Ladies’ heel height should also be suitable for themselves. Don’t pursue “height” blindly, making it difficult for yourself to walk, often sting your feet, and develop hard calluses and blisters.

Taking care of your own feet, in fact, you also need to pay attention to walking. When you come to the point where you feel exhausted and unable to walk, don’t continue, maybe it’s a kind of damage to your health. It is necessary to walk according to your own body quality and to exercise just be proper, so that one pair of feet will always be in harmony with your body health and maintain vigorous vitality, in order to maintain your steps to be light and agile.

A pair of feet is actually a “luxury car” that comes with you when you are born. It is recommended that you cherish it and maintain it as you go so that you can see more beautiful scenery.

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