Benefits of soaking feet in salt water

soaking feet in salt water

There are many ways to keep your feet healthy. Some people like to add some ingredients to the foot-soaking water, such as ginger, vinegar, mugwort, etc. the effect of foot-soaking is better. There is also a more straightforward way to soak your feet, which is to add salt to the foot-soaking water. Do you know the benefits of soaking your feet in salt water? Is it reasonable to soak your feet in salt water for a long time?

What are the benefits of soaking feet in salt water?

  1. Clean feet: salt has a particular bactericidal effect and has a good cleaning ability, and the bacteria and sweat stains on the feet are washed clean.
  2. Relieve athlete’s foot: sweating on the feet can quickly breed a lot of bacteria. If they cannot kill the bacteria in time, the feet can easily generate athlete’s foot. Using salt’s bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect of salt, we can achieve the effect of salt water bathing in treating athletes’ feet.
  3. Exfoliation: The horny layer of the feet is very thick. Properly exfoliating the feet can make their feet more transparent and clean, and there will be no keratin cracking in winter.
  4. Anti-aging: Soak your feet with salt water. The sodium ions in it can effectively enter the heart and the heart and promote blood circulation to invigorate the kidneys. Because the feet are farthest from the human heart, the blood circulation is not smooth, and it is easy to have cold hands and feet. Soaking the feet with salt water can promote blood circulation of the feet.
  5. Relieve colds: People often say, “cooling starts from the feet.” If the feet are often cold and the blood circulation is slow, it is easy to catch a cold. Soaking the feet with salt water can remove the cold in the feet in time and relieve the cold.
  6. Sleep aid and anti-aging: The human body has many veins in the feet. Soak your feet in salt water and then massage the acupoints such as Yongquan, which can promote local blood circulation and effectively aid sleep and anti-aging.


What kind of salt is suitable for a saltwater bath?

  1. Sea Salt

Sea salt is generally used for foot bathing in salt water because the particles of sea salt are enormous, so the effect of foot bathing will be perfect and will remove the dead skin on the feet. If there is no sea salt, you can also use table salt, and its effect is the same, preventing athlete’s foot. There are also bath salts on the market for cleaning your feet, which are also acceptable.

  1. Epsom salts

Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulfates, are associated with many remedies, especially in promoting relaxation and relieving joint pain. Epsom salt isn’t a grain of salt, unlike the other two salts. It is composed of magnesium and sulfate, which help deeply relax the body, exfoliate dead skin, and cleanse the feet.

How much salt to put in the saltwater bath?

Prepare a basin; pour half a basin of water; only half a spoon of salt is enough; the water temperature should not be too low. It needs to be a little higher, and the soaking time is half an hour; after a period, the body will slowly heat up, and there will be a little sweat. When we are soaking, we need to rub one foot with the other to speed up the blood circulation of the feet. At the same time, we can massage the Yongquan acupoint on the soles of the feet. Massage for a while can improve our sleep quality and delay the speed of skin exhaustion.

Friendly reminder: If there are wounds in the footsteps, it is best not to soak the feet in salt water.

Is it reasonable to soak your feet in salt water for a long time?

Since there are so many benefits of soaking feet in salt water, is it better for our body to wash our feet for a long time?

We recommend to stick to soaking your feet in salt water every day for the following reasons:

  1. Although foot soaking in salt water can sterilize, It’s useless if you don’t master the concentration well when soaking feet. Too strong will damage the skin. If it is too light, the effect may not be noticeable, which comes from salt water. Therefore, use this method of treating athlete’s foot by soaking your feet in salt water with caution if you do not master the concentration well.
  2. Long-term soaking in salt water can lead to water shortage. Because the sodium element in salt affects the body’s water balance, Washing your feet with salt water is easy for kidney deficiency.
  3. Long-term soaking of feet in salt water may cause dehydration and dryness of the skin, and then secondary fungal infection and symptoms such as dry and cracked feet appear.

So much has been said about foot soaking in salt water. It is necessary to master the correct method if you want to use salt water to soak your feet for health.


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