How to do foot care in summer?

Foot care tips

Summer is coming, and many people start to pay attention to maintaining health in summer, especially when the weather is hot. Many people begin to wear casual and comfortable sandals. At this time, it is also essential for foot care and health care, so how should we maintain our feet in summer? Today, we will introduce how to take care of your feet in summer.

Choose the right shoes.

An essential criterion for choosing the right shoes in summer is good breathability. Of course, it is also necessary to fully consider personal comfort when wearing shoes. Good breathable shoes in summer include low-top light shoes, canvas shoes, sandals, etc. In addition, wearing short socks can reduce sweating, and you must not wear running shoes barefoot.

Breathe your feet regularly

Long-term exposure to wet footsteps can lead to a variety of diseases. Because when the feet are sweaty and moist, the skin’s pores will open, which is equivalent to opening the door to various bacteria, which can easily lead to foot diseases such as foot warts and athlete’s foot.

Properly hydrate the feet.

Foot hygiene care does not require special daily care measures, as long as the feet are correctly hydrated. A good quality hand cream generally used on the hands can also be used on the feet. However, it is necessary to pay attention to moderate hydration. Insufficient hydration will accelerate the drying of the feet, but if excessive, it will cause dampness and sweating.

Pay attention to cleaning.

In summer, the temperature is high, bacteria multiply, and the mat that has been placed for a year is easy to breed mites. If you are bitten by it or coming into contact with its venom, or the fine hair of the insect body can cause acute dermatitis and edematous papules will appear on the feet, thighs, and other places of the patient or wheal-like papules with pinhead-sized bite marks in the center of herpes. So pay attention to cleanliness.

Soak your feet in cold water for 10 minutes to soften cutin and dead skin. You can also add a few drops of chamomile or lavender essence to the water to help reduce inflammation and sterilization. If there is no essential oil, pour half a bag of milk to whiten and lubricate the skin. For better exfoliation without scuffing your skin, we welcome you to check out our professional foot filer tools.

Protect feet from direct sunlight

The feet are an easily overlooked area, and to reduce the risk of tanning, sunburn, etc., apply sunscreen to your feet. Sunscreen not only protects your face and body from UV radiation but also protects your feet. Use sunscreen with SPF30 or above on your feet before going out, and stick to using it daily. It will prevent your feet from getting sunburned.

What hurts the feet easily in summer?

Easy to sweat

Although it is exposed outside, in summer, the feet sweat only a lot more than in winter. British podiatrist Emma suggested that antiperspirant also can be used to deodorize the feet. 

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates using salt water for feet; 10 minutes a day also has antiperspirant effects. In addition, after stepping on your wet feet in the rainy season, you should pay attention to washing and drying them in time to prevent the growth of bacteria and cause foot diseases.

Easy to bump and sprain

Hotter weather, increased activity, and exposed feet increase the chances of injury. Experts suggest that if it is only bruising, do cold compresses firstly, which are used to relieve pain and swelling, and then apply hot compresses after 1-3 days to promote blood circulation and speed up recovery; if meet bleeding, clean the wound first to stop bleeding and disinfect, and if it meets the tricky situation, please go to the hospital for medical treatment. Please pay attention to the bruising. And it is best not to rub it with your hands to prevent the swelling from becoming more rubbed.

Easy to swell

As long as the feet are less active, it is easy to swell them in winter or summer.

However, in summer, sandals are not as loose as other shoes, and the problem of swollen feet will be more noticeable and quickly uncomfortable. So, whether sitting or standing, move your feet more consciously, and raise or elevate your feet when you lie down.

Feet are easily broken.

New sandals will always feel uncomfortable on the feet. As long as there are thin straps or leather interfaces, it is effortless to grind the feet. To suffer from this crime as little as possible, first, pay attention to choosing soft materials when buying sandals, or put a Band-Aid on the parts easily worn in advance. Liquor has the effect of softening the cortex, try to apply it to the place that feels tight, and wear it after 15 minutes; it will be more comfortable. If it has worn out, you should change a pair of comfortable shoes decisively.

Based on the above points, pay attention to the maintenance of the feet. I believe everyone can easily maintain the health of their feet in summer. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. No matter in any season, we must protect our feet.

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