3D Curved hard skin feet removal


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3D Curved hard skin feet removal, the entire glass of the foot filer is curved and uses Nanomaterial.


  1. The hard skin feet removal with nano-processed, the glass using fine particles to develop a grinding surface, only remove dead skin, hard skin, calluses, and cracks, will not harm the healthy living tissue skin. The foot filer is more smooth and delicate.
callus remover tools

2. Humanized design non-slip handle, made of ABS material, vacuum coating treatment, the pattern is precise and delicate, evenly distributed. comfortable to hold, only needs 2-3 minutes to remove dead skin and thick calluses. can also easily cope with fingers, knees, elbows, shoulders of dead or dry skin.

hard skin feet removal

3d Curved design: The entire glass of the foot callus remover is curved, It is electronic grade glass that has been heat-pressed at 600°C, It has a 3D stereoscopic effect and fits the shape of the foot better, 360°multi-angle multi-directional friction of all parts of the foot, which is in line with ergonomics, easy to use without effort. Suitable for the adults, elderly, women, children.

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4. Nano Glass foot file can be used on both wet and dry feet to remove dead and tough skin, calluses. Compared with traditional foot files, the 360-degree rotating blade is sharper without hurting the skin. Let your feet become newborn skin, smooth, and beautiful again.

hard feet skin removal

5. This curved foot file is easy to clean, just rinse the foot file directly under a tap. Let your foot file dry out on a soft towel. High-grade ABS material and Nano-glass surface will never rust and will not cause allergies. It is durable forever. It is completely different from metal files, grit files, diamond files, and pumice files (hurt skin, easy to fall off, and rough). It is a better pedicure foot file tool than electronic foot file.

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Foot care Steps:

  1. Directly scrub your feet, or soaking your feet to soften the dry skin and callus.
  2. Rubbing back and forth on callous and dead skin with a nano glass file
  3. Wash with water to clean the foot scrubber
  4. Applying moisturizer or foot cream to keep your feet soft.
foot file for hard skin


  1. When the foot rasp file accumulates a lot of keratin, it may make this product less effective. You only need to wash the rasp to make it clean again.
  2. don’t use the same foot file for more than one person to keep foot hygiene
  3.  if your feet with heavy hard skin or severe callus, we suggest you buy callus shaver together.

Frequent Ask Questions:

  1. What is the difference between the curved glass foot file and the other ones in your shop?

        It fits closer to the sole of the foot, and the small edges can be easily rubbed. The handle is firmly gripped, and the strength and direction are freely controlled. It is effortless, and there will be no sore hands and cramps.

  1. What is the difference between a 3D Curved nano glass foot file and an ordinary flat glass foot file? What are the advantages?

        The friction surface of the 3D foot file is 3D curved glass, ergonomic, easier to operate when rubbing feet, easy and comfortable multi-angle friction foot parts, for ordinary flat glass foot file can not reach the area, but also need a small file to assist. The 3D foot file does not need any other auxiliary tools, a foot file to meet all your needs, high efficiency.

  1. Will the particles on the glass surface fall off?

       The foot care pedicure tools use new glass etching and Nano-coating technology. The tiny particles will not fall off, it is gentle to the skin. It can be completely immersed in water for washing and can be used repeatedly for a long time.

        4. How long can it be used?

Customer Johnathan answered: I have been keeping the feet scrubbing for half a year. It is still in good function. I like to use it when my feet are dry. It is very enjoyable to see the dead skin falls out in the form of powders.


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