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Nano glass callus remover with handle, get rid of hard skin on feet. This foot scrub adopts a glass surface with nano-etching pattern technology.


  1. The grind panel has plenty of nano-class glass particles, this new high-tech material for grinding the surface will target dead skin cells perfectly. The new nano glass materials improve the hardness and smoothness of the callus remover, effectively removing the hard skin and callus. Neither discoloration nor rusting, don’t like metal, nor allergic reactions due to metal.
remove hard skin on feet

2. Dry and Wet use. If your heel is cracked or injured, it’s better to soak your feet in warm water to soften the dead skin, dry them with a tower, then use the foot file to remove the hard or dead skin on your feet. If your feet are without any crack, you can directly dry grind, the hard skin will fall off into powder immediately during the use.

dry skin remover

3. Premium handle: ergonomic design is designed with a hanging hole so that you can place it in your favorite place after you use it. It is convenient to store and dry.

dead skin scraper

4. Elegant design: The appearance design is inspired by Oriental Classical Aesthetics. The entire body is electroplated and painted, dazzling and delicate, giving you a comfortable grip. It is greatly designed to allow you to work with ease and comfort.


feet skin remover

5. Home foot treatment, you can imagine that you are doing the care for your feet on the sofa, create your own salon. Better effects without going to pedicure salons, meaning that you care for your feet regularly, experience soft, smooth, and beautiful skin, exactly like baby skin. A wonderful home callus remover for you and your family!

at home callus remover

Better than a traditional Electric Foot Grinder: all the grinding points work together. Grinding the dead skin into powder can remove the dead skin callus more effectively and quickly. The electric foot grinder will stop rotating or have no electricity when used.

home foot treatment

Better than Stainless foot rasp: the foot file has a uniform and dense surfaces, is durable and will not harm the skin, and will not feel pain due to exertion. The grinding surface of the stainless steel foot grinder is a sawtooth shape, which can easily scratch your skin.

Better than pumice stone: Our Nano Pedicure file is the perfect gift for your loved ones


foot treatments at home

Foot Care Steps:

  1. Directly scrub your feet, or soaking your feet to soften the dry skin and callus.
  2. Rubbing back and forth on callous and dead skin with nano glass file
  3. Wash with water to clean the foot scrubber
  4. Applying moisturizer or foot cream to keep your feet soft.
dead skin foot soak


  1. don’t use the same foot file for more than one person to maintain foot hygiene
  2. When the foot rasp file accumulates a lot of keratin, it may make this product less effective. You only need to wash the rasp to make it clean again.
  3. if your feet with heavy hard skin or severe callus, we suggest you buy a foot shaver together.

Frequent  Ask Questions:

  1. Will I cut myself using this?

        No, the refined glass particles surface is very safe to use.

  1. Will the effect be better than stainless steel foot file?

      Customer Torri answered: I don’t what material it is, the seller said the foot file is made of Nano-glass materials, it is truly good and the effect is better than stainless steel. The stainless steel foot scraper will get the foot bumpy after use and is easy to cut the foot. While this foot rub makes the foot soft and smooth.

  1. What is it made of? Is it safe?

Customer latasha answered: It is made of Nano-glass, the entire body is electroplated and painted. In my opinion, it is a safe and pretty product.



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