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Nano glass professional foot filer, only take a few minutes to get rid of the hard skin on your feet.


  1. Unlike traditional stainless steel, the foot filer uses Nano glass material, the callus remover is processed by innovative etching to form concave and convex micro-particles, the pattern points are scientific designed, the sharp friction surface will work on dry or wet foot. It can effectively remove calluses, hard skin and dead skin.
professional foot filer

2. Humanized design, according to the palm curve design, the hard skin remover fits the hand palm perfectly, the appearance with metal plating process, the hand will feel delicate and smooth, tangible quality, comfortable to use and easy to hold.

Foot filer

3. The callus remover suitable for men, women, and old people’s dry or wet feet, will not damage the healthy living tissue skin, easy to create soft and smooth feet. you can wash the foot file in water, and reuse it to keep the foot filer hygienic and clean.

foot file for dead skin

4. It is completely different from diamond files, grit files, stainless steel files, and pumice files (those hurt skin, are easy to fall off, are rough, and limited service life). It is a better pedicure foot file tool than the electronic foot file. The effect of applying moisturizer is better, and the old calluses, dead skin, and cracks are wiped away.

dry skin remover for feet

5. Strong enough to remove the hard skin, calluses of your feet and hands, the dead skin is easily pulverized into powder peeling. it will never wear out and will not fall off long service life. When developing this product, our designer get an idea from the animal fox, so we called it “ Fox

foot scrub best

Foot Care Steps:

  1. Directly scrub your feet, or soak your feet to soften the dry skin and callus.
  2. Rubbing back and forth on callous and dead skin with a nano glass file
  3. Wash with water to clean the foot scrubber
  4. Applying moisturizer or foot cream to keep your feet soft.


  1. When the foot rasp file accumulates a lot of keratin, it may make this product less effective. You only need to wash the rasp to make it clean again.
  2. if your feet with heavy hard skin or severe callus, we suggest you buy this hard skin shaver together.
hard skin feet remover
callus file

Frequent Ask Questions:

  1. Does it work on callouses?

       Answer: Yes, we suggest soaking the feet firstly ( it will take 5~10 mins), then using the file on the callouses and dry, rough skin.

      2. Will the particles on the glass surface fall off?

       Answer: The foot care pedicure tools uses new glass etching and Nano-coating technology. The tiny particles will not fall off, it is gentle to the skin. It can completely immersed in water for washing and can be used repeatedly for a long time.

       3. Will the effect be better than a stainless foot file?

       Customer Torri answered: I don’t what material it is, the seller said the foot file is made of Nano-glass materials, it is truly good and the effect is better than stainless steel. The stainless steel foot scraper will get the foot bumpy after use and is easy to cut the foot. While this foot rub makes the foot soft and smooth.

       4. How long can it be used?

      Customer Johnathan answered: I have been keeping the feet scrubbing for half a year. It is still in good function. I like to use it when my feet are dry. It is very enjoyable to see the dead skin falls out in the form of powders.

       5. How to clean it?

      It is ok to wash it and then dry it in the air. It is very easy to clean.

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