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Professional callus shaver, if your feet with heavy hard skin or severe callus, we suggest you buy this tool and the nano glass callus remover together.



  1. 0.5mm spacing, it is a safe foot shaver to remove dead skin, callous, cracked heel skin, hard and dead skin on foot. The feet shaver is made of polish stainless steel, very friendly to your skin. when using the foot shaver the unique wooden handle gives you comfortable grip and smooth control. It will not easy to be rusted or deformed.
foot shaver for dead skin

2. The pedicure foot shaver adopts a separate design, which is easy to disassemble, replace the blade and rinse the knife head, which is convenient and hygienic. Let all the dead skin remnants have nowhere to hide

professional callus shaver

3. The callus shaver is designed with an ergonomic Design and a removable head. which is very convenient to change blade or load file head. Coming with the foot dead skin storage cover, easy to store dead skin, provides you a tidy environment.

hard skin remover

4. This callus scraper set contains 1pcs callus shaver, 10pcs replacement callus blades, and 1pcs foot dead skin storage cover, convenient to use, save your money and time.

heelo callus shaver

5. This pedicure callus shaver is fit for both professional and at-home pedicure, perfect for a pedicure, corn shaver, heel dead skin shaver, etc.

callus shaver for feet

Why do you need to buy a combination set?

For thick dead skin, thick calluses, severe callused, we suggest you purchase this shaver and the Nano glass callus remover together. Smoother feet after a pedicure

pedicure callus shaver

Foot care Steps:


  1. Directly scrub your feet, or soak your feet to soften the dry skin and callus.
  2. Use the foot shaver parallel to the feet to scrape the calluses
  3. Rubbing back and forth on callous and dead skin with a nano glass file
  4. Wash with water to clean the foot scrubber
  5. Applying moisturizer or foot cream to keep your feet soft.


corn shaver for feet
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