Tips for foot massage at home

How to do foot massage at home? Every year when autumn is coming to an end and winter is approaching, it is very important to take care of your feet at this time. How to do winter foot care at home? In this article, We will introduce in detail three important acupuncture points on the feet and legs.

We often hear the phrase “foot is our second heart”, which shows that feet are very important to us. If you want to take care of your feet, we suggest you understand what are the characteristics of our feet first.


The feet are the places where the body produces the least oil but the sweat glands are the densest. The keratin on the feet is also the thickest part of the body, so the feet will inevitably look rough.


The sebaceous glands of the feet are not well developed, and there is even no distribution of sebaceous glands in the arch of the foot. Due to the lack of oil secretion, the skin of the feet will be very dry.


The feet are composed of 26 bones, 19 muscles, and more than 100 heel ligaments. These parts bear the weight of the body every day, and they are in a state of high tension for a long time, which is prone to fatigue.

Athlete’s foot

In addition to being prone to roughness and dryness, feet also have a “temper”. The feet are the place with the densest sweat glands. If we wear shoes and socks that are not breathable, sweat a lot, and the sweat is not evaporated smoothly, it is easy to cause fungal infection and cause athlete’s foot odor.

To prevent foot odor, in addition to keeping your feet clean, you should also pay attention to conditioning from the inside out, such as insisting on soaking your feet every night.

Foot exfoliation

  1. Prepare a basin of warm water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes until the skin is softened enough.
  2. Apply the scrub cream on your feet, prepare a professional foot exfoliating scrub, such as our 3D foot file, and rub with pressure on the parts with thick dead skin (such as soles, heels, etc.). It should be reminded that some calluses cannot be removed all at once after cleaning, and it needs to take a period of patience and polishing.
  3. Rinse off any dead skin and apply foot lotion or petroleum jelly on all parts of your feet.

Wear high heels as little as possible

Wearing high heels is dangerous all the time. When standing and walking in high heels, the center of gravity will focus on the 1st to 3rd metatarsal heads of the forefoot. At the same time, these toes are also squeezed by the toes, so they can develop corns and neuroma between the metatarsal bones, causing constant and recurring pain. If you wear high heels for a long time, it will also cause muscle weakness in your feet, leading to a series of diseases such as flat feet, bunions, and hammertoes.

High heels can be worn, but are not recommended for daily or long-term use.

Foot massage

Doing foot care at home can be achieved through acupuncture massage.

Sanyinjiao acupoint is where the three yin meridians meet. As far as its location is concerned, the Sanyinjiao acupoint is on the inner side of the calf, three inches above the ankle bone.

The dry weather in autumn often causes difficulty in adjusting the body, resulting in excessive moisture, turbidity, and toxins in the body. If these substances cannot be discharged, it will affect the adjustment of the body. Massage of Sanyinjiao acupoint can stimulate the spleen meridian. It is very effective in removing dampness, and it can discharge the moisture in the body so that you will own smooth and bright skin.

At around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, massage Sanyinjiao acupoint is very helpful for kidney protection. This is the proper time when the kidney meridian is prosperous. Massaging Sanyinjiao acupoint can effectively stimulate the kidneys. Women can also care for the uterus at this time, which is good for promoting body metabolism to keep the skin rosy and has a better effect.

Sanyinjiao SP6

As the longevity acupoint of the body, Zusanli is the acupoint of the stomach meridian, which is a big acupoint for strengthening the body and has a very good effect on strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Zusanli is located three cuns from the depression on the front and outer side of the knee. It is about one middle finger away from the front edge of the tibia of our leg. You can refer to the following picture.


When the temperature drops in autumn, many people will feel that their immunity is weakened. Massage Zusanli has a very good effect on improving immunity. Massage Zusanli can resist aging and is very effective for physical fitness.


The Yongquan acupoint is on the sole of our feet, Most of the time, people only massage when they soak their feet. Few people do massage in normal life. ​​

Yongquan acupoint is located on the sole of our feet, where the toes bend downwards, and where the forefoot is sunken. It belongs to the first acupoint of the kidney meridian, it is the important foot pressure point.

The good effect of making foot acupressure on Yongquan acupoint is undoubted to stimulate the kidneys. During the massage, it can promote the flow of blood and achieve the effect of warming and tonifying the kidney meridian.

yongquan point

In addition to the above acupuncture points, in fact, the foot has a large number of capillaries, and it is also one of the most densely populated parts of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the feet are the “second heart” of the human body, which are connected to more than 60 acupuncture points in the whole body. The foot is closely related to the health of the human body, and it is also the reflection area corresponding to various tissues and organs of the human body.

If you are interested in easy foot acupressure and want to do it at home, the EMS foot massage is recommended to you.

Persistent foot soaking every night can improve local blood circulation, stimulate foot acupoints and meridians, expel dampness and cold in the body, promote human metabolism, and ultimately achieve the purpose of health care.

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